Eva Mae Kleeman (1936 to Present)

Eva Mae Kleeman was born on 10 Dec. 1936 in Tell City, IN, the daughter of Edmund and Dorothy Kleeman.

On 27 October 1956 she married Franklin Delano Knable, and together they had five children:

1. Dianna Lynn (born 27 June 1957)
2. Jennifer Sue (13 September 1958)
3. Mary Kathleen (9 October 1959)
4. Joan Ann (13 May 1962)
5. Cheryl Jane (24 September 1964)


Eva Mae Kleeman

Frank and Eva Knable
Franklin passed away on 21 June 1998.

A recent photo of Eva and her family: (Front row, sitting): Samantha Peter, Daniel Scott, Cory Buckhold, Autumn Dunning; (second row) Amanda Laske, Christina Hobbs, Larry Dunning Jr., Nick Buckhold; (third row, standing) Tim Thompson, Cheryl Knable, Jennifer Thompson, Eva Knable, Dianna Dowell, Tim Dowell, Mary Kathleen "Kitty" Dunning, Joan Scott, Larry Dunning.

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